Modern Villa

Finding Your Dreamhome

Personalized Approach

Purchasing a home is often the largest investment of an individual's lifetime. This is why it is my duty to set you up for success by getting you into a home that not only meets your current needs, but also is conducive to reaching your future goals. I am not looking for a quick commission; I am, however, looking to secure your future by finding the appropriate home. Some of my tactics include:

  • Utilizing the metrolist to filter through appropriate potential homes

  • Doorknocking the neighborhoods in which you would like to live; we come across potential sellers this way

  • Expired, Cancelled, or Withdrawn listings; these homes were on the market at some point over the last three years but did not sell for whatever reasons. In many cases, these owners are still looking to sell.

  • Utilizing our database; we have a database of thousands of clients and homeowners with a broker who spends $10,000 per month on google ads directed toward potential buyers and sellers