Signing a Contract

Listing Your Home

Exceeding Expectations

Selecting the right realtor can be the difference between your home selling or not. I will do all in my power to market your home, including:

  • Strong MetroList descriptions with specific keywords that will make your home viewable to as many agents as possible

  • Professional photography; since only 35% of agents invest in this, these listings typically sell 32% faster

  • Utilizing our database; we have a database of thousands of clients and homeowners with a broker who spends $10,000 per month on google ads directed toward potential buyers and sellers 

  • Blog posts; I will create a specific blog post for your listing that discusses the property and location in further depth because metrolist will only allow so much

  • Mega Open House; this includes creating a video invitation, doorknocking, circle dialing, boosting social media promotions, and much more

  • Video tours; over 24,000 people are moving from the San Francisco area to Sacramento yearly, which is exactly why we provide an in-depth video tour to those who may not be able to make it in person

  • Mailers to the local community; this involves mailing advertisements of the listing to individuals who may be interested in purchasing their next home